LAshX Eyebrow Lamination Kit

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  • LAshX Eyebrow Lamination Kit
  • LAshX Eyebrow Lamination Kit
  • LAshX Eyebrow Lamination Kit
  • LAshX Eyebrow Lamination Kit
  • LAshX Eyebrow Lamination Kit
  • LAshX Eyebrow Lamination Kit
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We are obsessed with this new service! 30 minutes to perfect brows that last 3 months! 

LAshX Brow Lamination and Lash Lift Kit Includes:

1. Lifting Lotion #1: Reshaping agent, allows the eyelash or eyebrow to curl or lift naturally and beautifully

2. #2 Setting Lotion: Locks your new look into place. Sets the hair or curled eyelash to remain curled and or lifted for approximately 3 months

3. #3 Nourishing Lotion: Moisturizing agent, it enriches, repairs, protects, and moisturizes the eyelash and eyebrow

Note these three steps are the same as in the LAshX Lash Lift Kit and can be used for both brow laminations and lash lifts! 


1. This product has been molecule processed, which can be preserved within air tight pump bottles, shelf life for this product is 12 months.

2. Do not mix different lotions and always use a separate micro brush/cotton bud for each lotion

3. wash/rinse, in rare cases of allergic reactions, consult with a medical professional

4. No water or steam around or near your eyes or brows for 24 hours post treatment

5. Please consult the region distributor or authorized agent for any questions on this product or Call LAshX 1-888-lashx-la

6. Keep the LAshX Lash Lift Kit at room temperature,should never exceed 75 degrees

7. This product is designed for trained and experienced estheticians and cosmetologists and it is for professional use only Please check your state laws for licensing requirements. 

Customer Reviews

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Sterling Scott (Rathdrum, US)

super easy to use


My go to
Kit for brows and lashes on clients!

Michelle Pérez (San José, CR)
Always on time

This is a good option if you already have silicons pads and the tool for doing the lash lifting. Thanks so much

Laura Benton (Tucson, US)

Love this kit!!!

Denise Tidwell (Ardmore, US)

NEW LAshX Eyebrow Lamination Kit - Brow Lamination - 3pcs Kit - 30 Brow lifts

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