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Your most frequently asked questions answered


What is the LAshX Method?

The LAshX Method is the combination of our product system of Lash Cleanse, Adhesive and lashes and ProLiner with the techniques we teach and utilize to create the safest, longest lasting lash extension service possible.

What makes the LAshX Method improve lash health

Both the ingredients in the products and the method in which they are used physically improve eyelash health. The Cleanser is step one. It removes bacteria and oils to help extensions last longer and prevent any bacteria or mites on lashes. In addition contains biotin and panthenol for lash strength and silk extract to keep lashes soft and supple. Application with our patented Speed Adhesive and LAshX Mink(R) lashes ensure that each hair is free to move and extensions are so soft and light no torque or pulling occurs on the hair follicle. Even if you sleep on your face! Lastly, clients condition lashes with the ProLiner or Treatment to root the hair with proteins, build up Keratin, what the hair is made up of) an keep the lash in the Anagen, growth cycle, for 46% longer resulting in natural lashes tripling in 3 weeks with consistent use. Each time our clients come in for an extension fill there are more and more natural lashes to work with.

Do I need to be certified through you to order for my salon or spa

You do need to be certified via a reputable lash education program to order our products. We want to maintain a level of quality and health standards for all clients seeking professionals using the LAshX Method.


Who Carries LAshX

LAshX Retail and Professional Products can be found in high-end salon and spas around the globe. You our map locator to find a product or service provider near you!

How Do I open A LAshX Professional Account

Opening a professional account is easy. You may register online. Enter your retail certificate number or sellers permit to be excluded from California State taxes. 


Can I use just a few items from the range

As a professional, you may order or try any products from the range, however we do not guarantee our 6-8 week hold time for clients, unless they are using the 3 step system. Our method works together in synergy to give the greatest hold time and lash enhancing ingredients. When other products are introduced, or if part of this system is left out, the results will vary and most likely not be as good. Thus we highly recommend you test out our system as a whole: Lash Cleanse, LAshX Mink Extension and Speed Adhesive, finishing with client home ProLiner use.


How do I become listed as a LAshX Professional on the locator map? 

To be listed as a LAshX Pro you must either be certified through us or submit a reputable certificate of training and be using our full range. Email Submissions to with your website, location and contact information included to be added to the locator.  We will remove accounts if they are not ordering in a reasonable timing for us to ensure clients are receiving the healthiest best service possible. 


Are LAshX Products Organic

The definition of Organic, to me is something that was living in nature and unaltered by science or chemical. By that definition no adhesives should be calling themselves Organic. Our products are however, non-toxic, free or formaldehyde, free of oil, glycol, parabens, Sulfates and Surfactants. In other words, every LAshX product is created to be pro-health.

Don't see you question here? Feel free to call us at 1-888-lashxla or email us at

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