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I did not receive all my product, called left message

I did not receive 3 cleaners and 1 speed tray

Hi Traci, Hi Traci, I am so sorry that your order arrived damaged. I will have the missing cleansers, a new adhesive and your tray sent out ASAP. Can you tell me what Tray you were missing? I will also issue a $25 credit for your new order. One of our reps will contact you ASAP.
Great with a few compliants

Works great with some clients and others not good at all. Also it says the bottle is good up to 3 months which I disagree, usually my bottle starts going bad after about a month and half

Best quality adhesive around!

I've done my research and tests with different "high end", quick setting and "formaldehyde free" adhesives and I can say, with this adhesive I have not had a single reaction or flare up on any client and the lasting quality is perfect!

Thanks for making me look good!

This adhesive has by far the best retention results for my clients. Thank you LashX!

Best Lashes Ive Ever Used

I love how easily
they come off the strip and am able to create volume fans

Awesome glue

Best glue I’ve used

LAshX® Speed Lash Adhesive

Really Dissapointed

I had hummed and hawed on purchasing this glue as the price is on the upper range. I had such high expectations of this glue, as I am always most concerned with lash and eye and skin health of my clients, and this seemed to be very safe for sensitive eyes, with the staying power of a higher fume glue. Well when I went to use it, I had to hold the lash extension for a very long time for it to stay in place, my hygrometer was saying my humidity and temperature were fine so I was confused. It took me twice as long to do the lashes, as well as everytime I placed a volume fan they would close up no matter how long I waited. The bottle is also very hard to squeeze out adhesive from. Again super dissapointed :(

Hi Alexandra We're sorry to hear that you are not happy with your purchase. We would love to get you on a call to troubleshoot possible causes for these issues. In most cases we can pin point the issue and get you the results you are looking for. Please call us or email us so we can get you scheduled on a call with one of our Lash Pro's :)
Best Adhesive

Ive been using this adhesive along with a cleanser for about a month now. I’ve noticed better retention and such low fumes. I love it!

The best

Like the flexibility in the glue. There was little to no fumes when applying and retention has been great. This is my go to glue now.

I am extremely happy with your product and the clients truly enjoy their lashes.

LashX glue

This is my favourite glue.

Allergic but great retention

I originally bought this glue for myself to try before trying on my sensitive clients, however I still had a severe allergic reaction. I probably won’t try this on my sensitive clients since my reaction was so bad but I have found that this glue has had great retention so far so I will continue to use with my regular clients.

Amazing !!!!!!

This adhesive literally saved my clientele as I moved to a new location and could NOT control my environment and my sets were popping off as I was doing them and within the first week !!!!! :-( I bought lashX adhesive and I was able to recoroupe my
Clientele !!!!!!
I own my clientele because of this adhesive !!

Very sad!!!

I was crossing my fingers and praying that this would work for me, unfortunately it hasn' lids are so swollen and discharge in the morning...I am very allergic and was the lash retention and will order for my clients.

Hi Tammy, I am so glad you are getting great retention and will continue to use the adhesive. Sorry you are still reactive but I do have a few questions if you want to call. It could be that you were still in a sensitized state from last reaction, or a complimentary allergy. Also have you ruled out gel pads, and all other items in service. Call us and we can trouble shoot. It is possible for anyone to be allergic to anything but very rare so I just want to check all of the variables. I hope we can make it work for you. This adhesive has truly changed my life. xx Mandy 310-855-3305
So spacious

Love this case keeps me organized it's so spacious.

Perfect for the most delicate Eyes

I had a client get a reaction from gel pads I bought from amazon. They made her under-eyes extremely irritated and dry the next day. My lash supplies are all bought from LAshX because of the care they put into all ingredients. I discovered these on the site and fell in love be careful not to get too close to the water line because they are very hydrating and soft. The gel part get very soft as the client takes the hydration.

Ordering for first time with this company

Monique was great when I called to order
Best customer service!!! She answered all my question and then some

Love the Lash Lift products

Consistent curl, never any issues! Love this product. Never have to worry that my client won’t absolutely Love their Lashes!

In love with this glue

Pricey but it’s worth it!

Glue was great but unfortunately I still broke out on my right eye.
Looks like I'm officially unable to get my lashes anymore thank you for making something that works for so many others though. Truly great!

I have tried so many lash glues and this is now my favourite it works in any temperature and humidity, my clients have far better retention, which makes my life easier, Thank You :)

Very impressed

My client is extremely sensitive and was having reactions with another lash artist before coming to me. We tried several methods, at least 3 other ‘sensitive’ glues, changed cleansing method, and eye pads.. She still had bad reactions everytime. After months of frustration and disappointment and research I decided to invest in the glue from lashx. Happy to say for the last 2 months we’ve done her lashes with very little irritation, if any at all..! Very little glue is needed it dries fast so it’s like working with my nonsensitive glue, my client is very impressed with the retention as well.

Lash Cleanser

Great cleanser Hands down.. really helps with retention!!


Love this glue it’s wonderful, works great will continue buying