Lash Extensions - SPEED TRAYS - LAshX Mink®

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  • Lash Extensions - SPEED TRAYS - LAshX Mink®
  • Lash Extensions - SPEED TRAYS - LAshX Mink®
  • Lash Extensions - SPEED TRAYS - LAshX Mink®
  • Lash Extensions - SPEED TRAYS - LAshX Mink®

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These luxurious, faux mink lashes, are the softest lashes that you will ever feel! They are created to be light and gentle on the lash, while still being strong enough to hold their shape. By nature, they are healthier for the lash, as they bend and move with the natural hair.

When our LAshX Faux Mink Lashes bond with our LAshX Speed Adhesive you get our patent pending Flexihold Technology(R).Which means our flexible adhesive bonds with our exclusive lash to create a flexible wear that moves with the natural lashes. This means lashes last longer, are more comfortable and don't put as much stress or strain on the hair follicle resulting in healther, longer lasting extensions. The soft, lightweight hair eliminates any poking or discomfort that often comes with traditional synthetic lashes. Lashes are perfectly positioned on each tray for easy pickup and placement throughout the application process. Each tray contains enough lashes for about 50 applications and when used with they LAshX System they last 6-8 weeks between touch ups. We offer lengths 5 - 18mm, four different curls and four different volumes. Our clients are all unique and so should their lash look be!

Mandy Says: "Utilize Speed Trays to cut application time and the amount of trays you need to stock.  Speed Trays save time and money!"

Lashx extension curl guide

Curls: The J - Curl is the straightest lash curl. The lash is straight at the base, and curls towards the tip, much like the shape of the letter J. This curl is perfect for clients with straighter lashes or who want the most natural look.  The B - Curl is the middle and most popular lash curl as it bonds to almost any type of natural curl and gives lift without looking too done! The C - the second to curliest lash curl, shaped much like the letter C. The more dramatic curl best adheres to those with curlier natural lashes or client who want  the most dramatic look. Also with more curl you can get away with less length. NEW O curl is the curliest lash on the market and makes us say OMG! its amazingly curly. 

 Volumes: Our lashes come in four different volumes: .07 (Volume) 1.0 (thin). 1.5 (medium). 2.0 (thick)

Lash Sizes: 5-18mm 

Choose your curl, volume and then lengths


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Mara Dickson (Costa Mesa, US)

Lash Extensions - Single Length Trays- LAshX Mink®

Michelle Laffranchi (Grants Pass, US)

Lash Extensions - Men - LAshX® Mink

Nellie Cunningham (Los Angeles, US)
Speed lash trays

Love the lashes. First time using them and after trying them on my model clients I can definitely speak for them, after clients returning for a fill the curl is still holding up. Such a flexible lash I’m absolutely in love with them.

Mara Dickson (Fountain Valley, US)

Lash Extensions - SPEED TRAYS - LAshX Mink®

Amanda K (Hermosa Beach, US)
Love these lashes

Super soft and fluffy. They look real and are easy to fan

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