LAshX® Speed Adhesive


  • LAshX® Speed Adhesive - LAshX
  • LAshX® Speed Adhesive - LAshX

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Finally, a lash adhesive that is long wear, and comfortable for even the most sensitive clients!

The lash adhesive your clients will not be allergic to, this ground-breaking formula has an instant dry time, our Flexi-hold® technology, to ensure the longest possible wear between fills and a soft application that protects natural lashes. When lashes and adhesive are flexible and free to move with the hair, there is less tension on the hair follicles, therefore less lash damage.

 Lashes hold 6-8weeks between fills when used with the LAshX System. Safe for even the most sensitive clients, the LAshX Speed Adhesive is fume and formaldehyde free.  Truely the last adhesive you will buy, because this versatile formula is ideal for volume lashes, classic lashes and eyebrow extensions applications. Finally, a formula that lasts long and is non-irritating!  Dries invisible.



Shake side to side. One drop on the gel pad will work for an entire full set. No need to reapply adhesive as it will not dry out as you work but dries instantly on the lash. Our system is meant to work together and does not need, nor do we reccomend, nano-misters, sealers or any other products after application. Clients should clean lashes regularly with the LAshX Lash Cleanse for optimal results.

Lasts 1 year unopened, we reccomend tossing it out after 3 months of being  opened to ensure the longest hold times possible 

Size: 10ML / 5ML


As always, LAshX Speed Adhesive is Paraben, Sulfate, Surfactant, Oil, Glycol, hydroquinone, and formaldehyde  Free!


Ingredients: Cyanoacrylate, LAshX Flexihold Formula

The last lash adhesive you ever test.

Customer Reviews

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Kerissa Vela K.V. Kerissa V.
5 star

LAshX® Speed Adhesive

mary beth cutts m.b.c. mary beth c.


Jennifer Bueno J.B. Jennifer B.

Good adhesive.

Amira Elswify A.E. Amira E.
Best Adhesive EVER

I've been lashing for over 4 years now, I've tried several adhesives and LashX is by far the best one on the market. Its very easy to use, dries in a few seconds & it's nice because that cuts my lash time in half. There's no fumes, and 99% of clients have no allergic reaction to the adhesive. No clumping, the adhesive has nice consistency. Also, ever since I've switched to Lashx my clients come in less due to longer retention which makes the clients happier. Everyone wants less maintenance. TRY THIS PRODUCT!!! :) #teamlashx

Brenda Bachman B.B. Brenda B.
My search is over!!!!

Finally an adhesive that I can use on my most sensitive clients. Clients that had previous reactions are tolerating this adhesive well. The best part is it is fast drying, not dependent on humidity and has great retention!! Definitely a must have!!!!

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